An overview of magtivio’s (and its predecessor MagnaMedics) publications


MagSiMUS publications

MagSiMUS-TDMPREP:     Vogeser (2013)          Download

MagSiMUS-TDMPREP:     VandenBosche (2014)          Download

MagSiMUS-TDMPREP:     Suhr – eicosanoids (2016)         Download

MagSiMUS-TDMPREP:     Wiesen (2017)         Download

MagSiMUS-TDMPREP:    Bahmany S, de Wit LEA, Hesselink DA, et al.
Highly sensitive and rapid determination of tacrolimus in peripheral blood mononuclear cells by liquidchromatography–tandem mass spectrometry. Biomedical Chromatography. (2019)

MagSi publications

MagSi-DNA Vegetal:     Papius Dias Tibihika_paper_on_MagSi-DNA Vegetal (2018)          Download

MagSi-Heme:     R_Jones_J_W_A_Allen_paper_on_Heme_coated_beads (2015)          Download

MagSi-Protein A:     Oppikofer_et_al (2013) The_EMBO_Journal        Download

MagSi-Protein A:     Rim Hjeij_CCDC151 Mutations (2014)         Download

MagSi-STA 600:     Schmalenberg_et_al_J Immunol Methods (2015)          Download

MagSi-Protein A/G:     Lombardo-O&I (2016)          Download

MagSi-STA 600:     Chicher-Proteomics (2015)          Download

MagSi-DNA cleanFIX:     Mijatovic-Sequencing (2012)          Download

MagSi-S COOH:    Carpio-Electrophoresis (2012)         Download

MagSi-DNA:    Iranmanesh_Microdevices (2016)         Download

MagSi-DNA, MagSi-S, MagSi-S COOH:    Mathot_Chemical_Communications (2011)         Download

MagSi-Heme:    Alvarado_Free_Radical_Biology_Medicine (2015)        Download

MagSi beads:   Engel_Anal_Bioanal_Chem (2017)       Download

MagSi-Protein G:   Diaz-Hernandez_PLOS-ONE (2015)       Download

MagSi-STA 600:   Martin_Nature_Communications (2016)       Download

MagSi-STA 600:   Martin_J Am Chem Soc (2009)      Download

MagSi general:   Kralj_Curr Med Chem (2016)     Download

MagSi-gDNA blood:   Hansen_J of Clin Microbiology (2009)     Download